Wholesome Chicken Feed and Rare Chicken Breeds

Welcome to Cedar Crest Farm and Feed located in beautiful Kirtland Hills, Ohio. We raise and sell rare and heritage breed poultry. We also developed our own Non-GMO layer ration for the sole purpose of providing our flocks with the absolute best feed available. Our feed provides your poultry with the important nutrients they need for healthy growth!

Rare & Heritage Poultry

Happy chickens produce healthier eggs! Our chickens are bred true to breed standard and are pasture raised on a nutritious diet of our special Non-GMO feed, fresh fruits, and vegetables. We are a NPIP certified Boutique Breeder.

We are a "Boutique Breeder" of rare and heritage breed poultry. As part of the National Poultry Improvement Project, we proudly offer the following rare breedsof large fowl: Lavender Orpington, Chocolate Orpington, Black or Blue Ameraucana, Black or Blue Copper Maran and the new Olive Egger!  In addition to SF, we also offer two Bantam breeds!

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Non-GMO Chicken Feed and Chick Starter Rations

The key to a healthy flock is a hearty and nutritious feed! Our feed is packed with vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and herbs that provide your chickens with the nutrients they need to grow and produce healthy eggs! Our grains are milled directly from the farm, PERIOD.

The farmers in our CO-OP are local "Salt of the Earth" folks who share our values both in business and in life.  Working with farmers, we are able to offer our customers farm direct pricing. We strive to offer a superior product at a great price, while developing life-long relationships with our customers.

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